Red Daisy Gift Wrap

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Simple yet fresh, this handmade daisy print gift wrap appeals to people of all ages and is suitable for wrapping small gifts. It is available in two colour combinations.

At Globe Enterprise, our handmade wrapping paper is eco-friendly, as we believe sustainability is very important.

We take leftover cotton, a by-product of India’s huge garment industry and recycle it into something beautiful and luxurious, resulting in spectacular wrapping paper and gift wrap.

Our wrapping paper is also fantastic for craft purposes and other creative arts.

One single order consists of a pack of 25 sheets

Size: 50 x 70 cm


Wrapping paper daisy print is simple yet fresh. Hence it appeals to people of all ages. Being a small design. Hence it is suitable for wrapping gifts of all sizes.

At Globe Enterprise all our wrapping paper is handmade from recycled cotton. Hence our gift wrap is eco-friendly. We believe sustainability is very important. So that our planet can survive