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Under our Globe Enterprise and Globe Home brands we offer everything from luxury, sustainably sourced handmade gift packaging products to elegant homewares and gifts.

Globe Enterprise offers over 25 years of experience in designing, sourcing and producing the finest handmade wrapping papers and handmade gift packaging products. Our Globe Enterprise collections include a wide variety of handmade gift wrap, with handmade gift bags and handmade gift boxes to match, as well as other stationary products.

At Globe our paper products are handmade and environmentally friendly, as we take left over cotton, a by-proudct of India’s huge garment industry and recycle it into something beautiful. The artisans making these papers offer the highest levels of precision and accuracy to create the perfect motifs time after time, resulting in paper products that will enhance gifts beyond compare.

In our dazzling Globe Home collections we offer tealight holders, hurricane lamps, tableware and much more. This is just a small taste of our company, explore the site for more of our signature styles and designs.

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