Floral Twist Jewellery Box – Large

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This vibrant handmade floral twist gift box is bursting with colours and is ideal for spring.

At Globe Enterprise, our gift boxes are made from the handmade wrapping paper in our gift wrap range. This means our gift boxes are eco-friendly, and we believe sustainability is very important. We offer individual jewellery boxes which are perfect for small gifts, and various gift box nests for larger presents.

We take leftover cotton, a by-product of India’s huge garment industry and recycle it into something beautiful and luxurious, resulting in spectacular handmade gift boxes and gift packaging.

The gift boxes are sturdy and made to exceptionally high standards – making them perfect for gift packaging or even home storage

One single order consists of a pack of 12 in the selected colour.

Dimensions : 10cm x 10cm x 3cm height with lid.



Jewellery Gift box floral twist is vibrant and bursting with colours making it ideal for spring. It is handmade and eco friendly hence anyone would be delighted to receive it.